Academic Village Cottage at The Seaside Institute

Placed on a temporary site in Seaside. One of the original MEMA cottages renovated and decorated to serve as a dorm for two students.

The Seaside Institute purchased 8 MEMA cottages to form an academic village on the Lyceum in Seaside.

Inside, the living room ceiling was raised to provide a feeling of spaciousness in this 450-square-foot dwelling.” – Seaside Institute

Photos by Shelly Swanger and Seaside Institute. See all the photos on Flickr.

1 thought on “Academic Village Cottage at The Seaside Institute”

  1. patricia gray

    we too have a house of 456 square feet very similar to this one. Ours is not a new build, just renovated as it is a historic concrete block automobile garage dating from the early 1900’s !

    thanks for the interesting website, we love it !

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