Adjusting to a Small Cabin

I’ve been really enjoying the posts at the KMS Woodworks Blog. This recent post focuses on spending a fews days over spring break in their small cabin with the kids. One of the new experiences was adjusting to living with a sawdust toilet.

Adjusting to a Small Cabin

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  1. Michael,

    Thanks for the post on our visit to the cabin, and our sawdust toilet. We are going to get a used traditional toilet “Tank” to mount at the back of our sawdust box for storing sawdust. The girls liked to look of that from some pictures in the Humanure handbook. We will swing by the local Re-Source lot to get one later this week. We currently have the sawdust stored in some 5 gal pails. Having it in the tank will allow us to position the toilet further back in the “bathroom” niche at the cabin. The extra storage in pails can then be moved into our woodshed

    KMS Woodworks Blog

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