Austin’s Newest Housing For the Homeless

Plans are moving ahead in the Austin area to house about 200 people who are chronically homeless.  Community First Village has been about a decade in the making and in just a matter of months, it will break ground.

The property is 27 acres, with little cottages, mobile homes and even some teepees dotting the landscape. A three-acre community garden is also on-site. ” – KUT

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Thanks to author Jane Devin for sending this my way!

9 thoughts on “Austin’s Newest Housing For the Homeless”

  1. I like their idea and what they are doing, but is it wise to cram 200 people without resources into a remote area? Are there services and transportation nearby? I hope so. The cottages are great but I think it would be better to cluster them in small groups in different areas near available services.

    1. Ok read the entire article, “We haven’t converted everybody, but when people come out here they go, ‘Oh!’ They see a chapel; they see medical and vocational services on site, and they learn that residents will not live there for free; they’ll pay a monthly rent.” Sounds like a good start, I hope it works well.

  2. Lynda Swanson

    Oh my God! This is exactly exactly exactly my vision as well! It has been hatching in my head for the last 12 years! I am now at the point where I feel the urgency of our social situation to be so critical that I must act rather than plan. I have so many questions as to how you obtained funding and other help from social service agencies. I have tried to drum up local interest for years but my viewpoint seems to be too radical to be taken seriously because I get very little feedback. Most of my outreach results in people asking for help rather than finding those that want to help begin a “Cocoon” as I call it. Where can I find you?

  3. Sharlene Gagnon

    I have the land in Maine an how do I start something like this an what do come to other states because there is so many up where I live tut Need help.

  4. Dawn Boothroyd

    I have found, after many years of giving to people that ask, and some that do not ask, that human people do not appreciate what is given to them. They only appreciate, and take care of what they work/sacrifice for. I am forced to wonder what this place will look like in five years.

    1. You must not have read the article. It’s explained they must pay rent and take part in other requirements as well and that the place isn’t merely housing but also contains other resources such as vocational training. And there would of course be a process for evicting those who don’t comply. Of course no one every seems to address the issue that many of the chronically homeless are also suffering from severe psychiatric problems. I but you don’t support increased funding for mental health care either.

  5. Otessa Regina Compton

    After all, there are some genuine people with money, that do have compassion for their Fellowmen. This helps eliminate diseases, increases motivation, and helps a person find their way back to their soul. THIS IS THE TYPE OF HOUSING THAT SHOULD BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION NATIONWIDE. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!!!

  6. Linda Marshall

    To Whom It May Concern; I live in Culver, Oregon and the community of homeless folks living in stock room, and the apartments here in Culver are very bad to live in to take the apartments down, example the plumbing, electrical wires are bad, flooring, walls. This is not for families to live in. Culver has two very lots to have a Community center, add the Tiny houses behind the center like your drawing. Is there a chances to have any of your Staff members come to Culver, Oregon to talk about the Community center, houses. At the Planning Commissioners meeting last week the Chairman is any new business I yes to have the Tiny houses here for motels or hotels for Guests to stay. He said I should look into this. Can you help of having the community center, motels, or hotels of the Tiny houses here in Culver, Oregon?
    Sincerely, Ms. Linda Marshall.

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