The Blue Heron – Off-grid Craftsman Cabin by Rewild Homes

Pictured here is a recent creation by Rewild Homes in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Inside you’ll find stunning beamwork, a cozy Morso woodstove, a stainless steel fridge, recessed LED lighting, washer/dryer hookups, and a custom staircase with storage. It’s also equipped with a solar panel & battery package. Learn more about Rewild Homes. The house may also still be for sale at Tiny House Listings.



5 thoughts on “The Blue Heron – Off-grid Craftsman Cabin by Rewild Homes”

  1. I want to have a mobile Cafe built out of a tiny house. Something you can pull with a small vehicle

    1. Sonja,

      Check very carefully as to the legality of using that for your Café before you proceed.

      Most places have very strict ordinances about occupancy where the public is concerned. These will include the maximum number of customers allowed in at one time, multiple egress options, fire and safety issues, etc.

      I suspect you will find that getting a business license and occupation permit will be even tougher than the rules that prohibit living in a Tiny House in most places.

      The last thing you want to do is plan your Tiny Café, get it built and then find out that you are unable to run your business in it like you want to.

      Good luck, but do your research carefully!



    2. George Carver

      For years I traveled the country doing fairs and other shows. I built trailers to work out of. A few years ago I built and it could be finished for your type use. If you are interested I have pictures ?

  2. I live in Florida but I still have a building lot in Ct. How do I go about trying to put a tiny house on it so I can spend summers there. I like this Blue Heron and how much is it?

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