Blue Ridge Mountain Club Cottage

Blue Ridge Mountain Club offers 6,212 acres of spectacular views, unbelievably great outdoors, and abundant natural amenities. Guests at our Watson Gap Cottages enjoy concierge services during their stay to arrange a variety of activities both on and off the property.” –  3RD HOME

The tiny building pictured above can be found at the Blue Ridge Mountain Club Cottage in Boone, North Carolina. It’s a posh vacation spot with many larger cottages. The cottage pictured here looks just our size!

5 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Mountain Club Cottage”

  1. Erika Dahlberg


    How much would this cabin cost “Blue Ridge cottage” and how much is the cost of the lot? Is it included and is this built with a wood frame from scratch or is it a modular unit with stone façade? Please let me know details. I’m interested in buying something like this.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Michael,Do you know who the Architect is for this stone cottage?plans? Thanks

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