Boulder Tiny House …and it’s for sale!

The house features a standard 7′-6″ wide footprint on a 16′ trailer. It has two axles with electric brakes rated at 3500# each. The dry weight as shown is 4,800 lbs. The roof design is a simple shed roof at a 2.75 on 12 pitch. The slope was derived on keeping the front end low and maximizing the height for the loft, but still getting enough pitch to shed water and snow. The overall height at the high eave is 13′-4″.” – Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Read more about the Boulder Tiny House – for sale at $27,350.

6 thoughts on “Boulder Tiny House …and it’s for sale!”

      1. This is all their is for that steep price? I have seen much better, at a much lower price.

        1. For a professionally built home $27K seems about right to me. Many owner-built homes seem to cost folks $20-$25K to build themselves and they don’t even include their labor. I’ve seen folks build homes under $10K but those are typically very simple and lack the usual enhancements like nice kitchens, baths, and finishings – still livable by all means – but just not as decked-out.

          1. Believe me, I am truly not knocking this tiny house but I would not in any way describe this one as “decked-out”. I admire the use of reclaimed wood (a little rustic for my personal tastes but none the less looks pretty good). But for $27,350 there needs to be a lot more to this house for me to see any justification in spending that much. Fabric covered shelving? Barn roof metal siding? Old fence from someone’s back yard for a wall? And they want $27K plus??? This is what detracts from the tiny house movement and it is what will make it stagnate quickly. Yes there is art here and I am referring to the table for 2. A 16′ trailer new is less than $4000 and with the materials that are included add another $3000 (and I am really ramping up the prices here, don’t believe me just go to lowes and add it up for yourself), that leaves $20k for labor. If it took 200 hours to throw this together that is $100 per hour. That my friend is flat out ridiculous.


    If you don’t like the price don’t buy it. Please move on or build one for yourself. Stop knocking it and move along.

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