Cabin Habit Nissen Hut Inspired Cabin

The design of the shed is drawn from my love of all things vintage, urban-industrial and quirky. I love all things mid-century so it’s basically an improved and residentially styled Nissen hut, fully insulated and lined. I couldn’t find one to buy, so I got one made. It has an airy feeling inside, and yet the generous arc of the curved varnished ply ceiling cocoons you like a womb.” – Abigail

Read and see inside of Cabin Habit

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8 thoughts on “Cabin Habit Nissen Hut Inspired Cabin

  1. Dorothy says:

    can u post a picture of the inside and how much does this cost any in Texas ? If so where is distributer.

  2. lynnette snider says:

    I am an individual widow. I have many single friends who want to live independently in a single person shelter. I am very interested in your products.

  3. Community Supported Shelters says:

    Love this. We build small structures, similar to your Nissen Hut. We call them Conestoga Huts, with an inside footprint of 60 square feet. They are used for relief/transition housing for people in need. We’ve been wanting to make something like the Conestoga, but bigger, like your hut. Thanks for sharing and creating your inspiration!

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