Cabin Habit Nissen Hut Inspired Cabin

The design of the shed is drawn from my love of all things vintage, urban-industrial and quirky. I love all things mid-century so it’s basically an improved and residentially styled Nissen hut, fully insulated and lined. I couldn’t find one to buy, so I got one made. It has an airy feeling inside, and yet the generous arc of the curved varnished ply ceiling cocoons you like a womb.” – Abigail

Read and see inside of Cabin Habit

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8 thoughts on “Cabin Habit Nissen Hut Inspired Cabin”

  1. How much is the home entirely with materials? It doesn’t look that spendy.

    1. Michael Janzen

      The original website says “more than £500” which translates to “more than $800). Not sure how much more.

  2. can u post a picture of the inside and how much does this cost any in Texas ? If so where is distributer.

  3. lynnette snider

    I am an individual widow. I have many single friends who want to live independently in a single person shelter. I am very interested in your products.

  4. Egbert Duvoncheveaux

    How do you insulate this metal tube and deal with condensation?

  5. Love this. We build small structures, similar to your Nissen Hut. We call them Conestoga Huts, with an inside footprint of 60 square feet. They are used for relief/transition housing for people in need. We’ve been wanting to make something like the Conestoga, but bigger, like your hut. Thanks for sharing and creating your inspiration!

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