Canvas Wall Tents for Simple Living or Camping

Canvas wall tents range in size from about 8-10 feet wide and 10-20 feet long. They can be supported with a simple wood frame, steel poles or traditional timber poles cut down on site. The walls are typically 5-6 feet high. Some canvas tents are large enough to contain a wood burning stove and the canvas roof can include a hole for a stove pipe.” –Christina at Tiny House Blog


9 thoughts on “Canvas Wall Tents for Simple Living or Camping”

  1. With prices the way they are, I might have to live in one of these.

  2. Susan M Hathaway

    We see a lot of these at Living History Encampments we go to. Some have wood stoves, baths etc, very cool. but I will stick with my TIPI 😉

  3. check out a place called Fall Creek Sutlery for these types of tents 🙂

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