New Book: Tiny House Floor Plans – Second Edition

The original version of Tiny House Floor Plans was published in 2009. Today a brand new and completely updated version of the book was released.

Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition has 356 floor plan designs ranging from 24 12-foot tiny houses to 48 36-foot tiny houses. The book focuses on the larger more popular tiny house sizes from 24-feet and up but still keeps to the Tiny House Movement’s roots and has plenty of 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-foot tiny house plans as well.

You can order the book in print or as an ebook.

Now, let’s take a look inside. Below is one sample page from each chapter of the book.

12-foot tiny house floor plan from page 28 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
14-foot tiny house floor plan from page 54 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
16-foot tiny house floor plan from page 75 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
18-foot tiny house floor plan from page 112 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
20-foot tiny house floor plan from page 155 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
24-foot tiny house floor plan from page 210 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
28-foot tiny house floor plan from page 262 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
32-foot tiny house floor plan from page 321 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
36-foot tiny house floor plan from page 372 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.

If you have an original first edition, you’ll be happy to hear that this book is 100% brand new. All the drawing have been drawn new from scratch. Some of the main differences between the two versions are:

  • Stairs Everywhere. Most of the designs use stairs. Back in 2009, stairs in tiny houses were still kind of a new thing. Today most tiny houses are built with stairs, so this new book has them in copious quantities.
  • Unique bathroom layouts. Most tiny house bathrooms are typically a shower on one side, a toilet on the other, and a tiny sink in between. In this new edition, there are so many new and unique bathroom layouts.
  • So many kitchen layouts. Small kitchens, massive kitchens, and everything in between.
  • Many more designs. The first edition had just over 200 floor plans. This new edition has 356 floor plans.
  • Rooflines. In the first version, the plans didn’t show where the roof was. You can see what kind of roof it is and where the rooflines lay in the new version.
  • Wheel Wells. You can spot where the trailer fenders would be and see how each plan is designed to fit the trailer.
  • Tons of Storage. Each design has ample locations for built-in storage on the lower level and in the lofts.
  • Family Friendly. Many designs have bed space for 4 or more people, either in dedicated bedrooms and lofts or flexible sleeping locations for guests on sofas.
  • It’s bigger. Tiny houses are getting bigger, so this book had to get bigger too. The first version measured 6″x9″. This book is a full 8.5″ x 11″ and almost twice as thick. It still fits on most bookshelves, though.

You can order the book in print or as an ebook.

Magenta Micro Tiny House – $2,500 in Materials

Pin-Up Houses has created a low cost mini tiny house. Their estimated cost to complete it with labor is $11,000, but materials cost only $2,500. It’s just 70 square feet but light weight and can be towed by many vehicles.  It’ has an insulated wooden structure. Inside the house features a sofa bed, stove, a spot for a chemical toilet, a small kitchenette, and storage space situated in clever built-in furniture. Oh and you can finish it in whatever color you like! Learn more about Magenta.


Video and photo by Pin-Up Houses.

10×26 Tiny House Sized Survival Shelter

This is a rare look inside someone’s underground tiny house sided shelter. Most people that buy shelters keep quiet about their details, but this particular customer is happy to share. Inside the shelter’s temperature stays steady between 59 and 63-degrees Fahrenheit thanks to being buried deep underground. It has bunk beds for four a bathroom, living room, kitchenette, and escape hatch.


This shelter was built by Atlas Survival Shelters. It redials for $75,000. You can find more tour and installation videos on the Atlas Survival Shelters YouTube Channel. For more information about this particular model visit the Atlas Survival Shelters website and see the Round Colvert 10×26 Cabin. Image and video by Atlas Survival Shelters.

Linsey is Building a Tiny House Eco Village from Adobe in Morocco

Dylan Magaster recently visited Linsey in Morocco where she created a Tiny House cottage and eco village from bdobe brick with the help of Work Away team members. Work Away promotes volunteering, family exchanges, homestays, farmstays, working holidays, travel buddies, language learning and cultural exchange. If you want to travel, learn, and work, check out Work Away.


Assilah Eco Village is located in Northern Morocco. If you’d like to participate in building this eco village, learn more on the Assilah Eco Village page at Work Away. Here’s what Linsey says about herself on Work Away.

I am a 61 year old English woman, settled in Morocco for the past three years. I am creating my own Nirvana with the help of like minded souls of all ages. Presently I share my space with 15 chucks (including rare breeds) , Lila my little Maltese cross, Booby out new puppy guard dog, and Cuzco as well as our potential ‘mouse catchers’ Lulu, NC and Teabag.

I am not an expert in natural building, self sufficiency or eco living, I enjoy working cooperatively, as part of an enthusiastic team, experimenting, and learning together to do the best we can.

Video and image by Dylan Magaster. For more videos like this subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.

When You’re Small, Tiny Houses Are Enormous

Bryce Langston recently visited Dolly in Australia and got a detailed tour of her tiny house on wheels. Dolly’s house was designed to fit her perfectly. She has two lofts; one of which is two-tiered and just the right height for Dolly to stand-up. Below this loft is a walk-in closet that she can stand-up in too! When you’re small, tiny houses can be enormous! For more great videos like this subscribe to Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube.


Video and image by Living Big In A Tiny House. Skillshare sponsored this video by Living Big In A Tiny House. If you’re one of the first 500 of Bryce’s subscribers, you can get Skillshare for 2 months free. Learn more about Bryce’s Skillshare deal here:

Earthship Villa Composed of Tiny House Sized Rooms

Architect Mike Reynolds is in Puerto Rico giving a tour of an Earthship Villa project currently under construction. It’s composed of multiple rooms that are each tiny house sized. Like all Earthships these homes make their own water, power, and are completely independent of the grid. The walls are made from used tires filled with compacted dirt and in this example the roofs are ferrocement domes. Learn more about this novel construction method at Earthship Biotecture.


Video and image by Earthship Biotecture. The earth ship will be used as a community center to bring this community together. Learn more about Taina Soy Apiario, the organization partnering with Earthship Biotecture on this project.


Should a $5,000 Shed Be Used as a Tiny House?

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen shares his thoughts and experience on using inexpensive sheds as tiny houses… when to do it, when not to do it, and what to look out for in materials and quality. For more from Deek subscribe to the Relaxshacks YouTube Channel and be sure to check out his workshops at if you want to grow your building skills.


Here’s Deek’s other video on Sheds.


Best of Both – A Skoolie Tiny House Combo

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen gets a tour of a Skoolie Tiny House. Instead of choosing one or the other Chris from Blackstone Builders in Georgia built a tiny house on the back of a school bus. For more videos from Deek subscribe to Relaxshacks on YouTube.


Skoolie vs Tiny House

Should you go with a tiny house or converted school bus? Both are big projects. Both can feel like a home. One has it’s own motor, the other needs a large tow vehicle. Jenna Spesard visits with Roman and Annie and get the full tour and backstory of their very home-like skoolie. For more great videos like this subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey on YouTube. To see more of this Skoolie – nicknamed Little Groundhog – on Instagram and YouTube. Video and Images by Tiny House Giant Journey.


Tiny House Giveaway – Last Day to Enter

The folks at Tiny Heirloom have teamed up with Bed Bath and Beyond to give away over $100,000 worth of total prizes including the Grand Prize package featuring a 20’ Vantage tiny house from their Signature Series!  To enter for your chance to win the Grand Prize and daily prizes, click on the bottom below to visit the Gnome for the Holidays Giveaway.

The last day to enter is December 13, 2018. For all the details and to enter this drawing visit the Bed Bath and Beyond Gnome for the Holidays website.