Chanchita Bus – Extreme Tiny Living Adventure in South America

I’ve shared this tiny living tour bus before, but now we have updated photos. It’s available for extreme sports, travelling, photography and videographers. It’s located in South America and offers endless possibilities for exploring.

Most of the spots and ski resorts in the Andes are not always easy to access – as opposed to Europe or North America. So if you want to explore these remote locations you’ll need the help of folks with the right kind of transportation, that are also well organized and know how to reach these remote destinations. This converted 1966 Mercedes-Benz school bus is one of those options.

Inside you’ll find it sleeps 5, and has on-board water, electricity, shower, toilet, and wood stove. The Chanchita bus is completely autonomous, giving you the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time – and a chance to always make the first tracks!

To learn more visit the Chanchita Bus website.

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  1. An exciting and adventurous way to live and explore in comfort! Would love to do it!

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