Chicken House Designed by Alex Wyndham

Why post and share a chicken house? It’s an incredible design! While this roof wouldn’t work with a large snow load… for rainwater collection and shade creation this roof design is inspiring.

A chicken coop in Toro Canyon, Santa Barbara that catches and stores rainwater. The siding is rough sawn redwood and the roof is corrugated steel.” – Alex Wyndham Santa Barbara Architecture and Design

Photos: See more of the Chicken House.

3 thoughts on “Chicken House Designed by Alex Wyndham”

  1. That really is a clever design! As long as the melting snow is flowing off the roof, and the rafter and roofing materials are strong enough, I don’t see why this could not be used with a house.

  2. I guess my question is in Canada it would have to be considered a chicken coop? I live in Texas and this is nothing compared to a coop, so I am confused about why the title. Thank You Tina Shelton.

  3. Another statement about these wonderful homes, mine would definetly be not on wheels. Sorry for the spelling, I know and understand why someone would want to move it but once I am some where I would stay. Just my own thoughts. Thank you and I do hope you got my first comment.

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