Cozy Mountain A-frame Cabin – Photo by AndrewQ

Stayed at cozy little cabin in the mountains this weekend. Just big enough for the whole family without feeling too cramped. If all the rain had been snow instead, it would’ve been perfect!” – AndrewQ

via Mountain Cabin | Flickr

Photo credit to AndrewQ PDX

4 thoughts on “Cozy Mountain A-frame Cabin – Photo by AndrewQ”

  1. Kriss Femmpaws

    I have always liked A frames, my only grump with them is you lose usable floor space do to the angle of the roof. I think the way around that would be make up gluelams to form more of a gothic arch.

    Being a shipwright it wouldn’t be that big of deal to make a jig to glue up the beams. The nice thing with doing it that way, you can use short lumber to make the arch beams, by staggering the joints in the lam plys

    I really like this photo… If I’m not mistake I see an Alaskan Malamute enjoying the rug… Mine would want to be on the bed with you, after all someone needs to watch the door while their humans sleep.

    1. ancient seafarers made boats of wooden frames covered in skins. When they needed shelter on shore they built up stone or sod walls and turned the boats over onto them. The skin boats were as long as 50 feet and the skins allowed light in the ‘house’…. so your idea about a boat shape is nothing new…but a good idea.

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