Design Concept by DesignDevelop: Billboard Home for the Homeless

The Slovakian firm, DesignDevelop has created this tiny triangular home with a footprint of about 16.5 square meters (178 square feet). The house is intended to be built along highways or busy roads so that its side-walls can double as advertising space, effectively making it a live-in billboard.” – Humble Homes

I like the elevated triangular design. I hate the idea of advertising on the exterior. See more of this Billboard Home for the Homeless by DesignDevelop at Humble Homes.

5 thoughts on “Design Concept by DesignDevelop: Billboard Home for the Homeless

  1. adrian says:

    I think it’s great idea that advertisements pay for these homeless houses by putting a roof and 2 extra walls around their billboards. With as much money that goes around in the ad industry, consider how many of these can be built.

  2. steve says:

    i have been in many billboards, working for a sign company and sat inside them and thought the same thing. very cool!

  3. Timothy R says:

    I’d have to say that its a generous IDEA but… the sound of all that traffic would make it almost impossible to live in. It’d be deafening.

  4. dewhit says:

    I can just imagine how horrible this idea would work by putting homeless in elevated structures on public land next to busy roads.
    I’m sure advertisers would be thrilled also.

  5. hunter says:

    I know how you feel about the ad’s Deek, but it is a way to cover the build costs. maybe the wall insulation is also the sound deadining type to cut down the noise.

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