Downsizing to a Tiny House to Find Big Happiness

By her own admission, Dee Williams was living the American dream. She had a three bedroom house in Portland, Oregon, a backyard and a 30-year mortgage. But everything changed when she fainted in the grocery store one day. ‘I’m an outdoor person and I’m a runner, a climber, a very athletic person,’ says the writer and sustainability advocate. ‘One morning I woke up in an ICU room in the hospital and I had had a heart attack, and shortly after that was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.’” – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Read and listen to the story, Downscaling to a tiny house to find big happiness

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  1. We saw Dee on our local news tonight talking about???? Tiny Houses!! What’s cool is that we’re in Pittsburgh! A city that would be GREAT for Tiny House Villages, but against city codes blah blah blah.. ordinances.. Nonetheless, it was so cool to hear voice too!

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