Elevator Beds – An Alternative to Murphy Beds

Created by the Italian furniture maker Espace Loggia, these “Mobile Beds” look just like any regular old bed. Until they raise to the roof that is. Available in both double and queen sizes (unfortunately no king is displayed on the brand’s website), these beds elevate during the day so you can use the same space for other furniture, or just provide a nice seating area for guests.” – HiConsumption

See more of these Elevator Beds…

I wonder how hard it would be to DIY a bed like this? Hmmmmm?

5 thoughts on “Elevator Beds – An Alternative to Murphy Beds”

  1. I have been harping on about elevating beds for years and this is definitely the answer. It looks strong and well built, I will be checking this one out. An entire office could be built under this. Hope you don’t mind but I going to put the link on future comments. Thank you for the fined.

  2. Mark Throckmorton

    Reminds me of “Hogan’s Heroes” and the hidden entrance to the tunnels. But, even more, I wonder what problem it is trying to solve? A Murphy is going to be mechanically simpler, cheaper, potentially less noticeable when closed, and requires no power. This is a solution in search of a problem.

  3. This type of bed might not work well if your ceiling is already low. I’d rather have it disappear completely than have it hovering overhead. The problem with this and Murphy beds is that you still need to leave the bed space open or move things to make space for the bed when lowered or opened. I much prefer some sort of daybed so you get daytime seating as well as a bed. Doesn’t work for everybody but it’s what I’ve been happy with for almost 10 years. Easy to DIY too. Single versions are easiest but double is possible too.

  4. Sure. So here’s an estimate of the price: $7,044. That’s not for everything, of course, just for the piece of furniture, cabinetry, lift mechanism. Mattress seems not to be included. And that was in 2008. It’s now 5 years later. Doubt that the price has gone down.

    Knock yourselves out, guys; go and buy it. Maybe a couple. Or sure, build it yourself. I’m sure it’s not too hard. Just a cantilevered huge platform weighing several hundred pounds that has to be able to stay level and go up and down without attachment to the wall. Sounds like an easy DIY project, right?

    I sometimes wonder what people use for common sense.

    Here’s the link where I found the price:

  5. I’ve actually been thinking of a version of this for my guest room, which is long and narrow, and could easily support a bed on each end.

    My thought was to support all four corners, though, with bookshelves on the sides as well as the back, which would obviously be more feasible with a twin bed. I would also have it retract all the way up to the ceiling, with recessed lighting below, with a seating area with it in the up position, and a comfortable sleeping area with it down.

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