Do You Dream of Exploring Tiny Living Alternatives?

Do you dream of exploring tiny living alternatives but aren’t ready to take the plunge into a tiny house? Here’s an idea… build a low cost camper van and give tiny temporary living a try.

If you’re a tiny house dreamer you’ve probably seen the videos made by Exploring Alternatives on YouTube. The video below is a tour of the tiny living space they built to travel and meet all the people they interview. Each summer they take to the road in their budget DIY camper van.

Their setup isn’t for everyone but it has several cool DIY features that should be pointed out.

  • Their futon bed is a simple wood platform with a flip-up portion that provides 3 different positions for sitting, relaxing, and sleeping.
  • For convenance they have a sawdust toilet that’s hidden in plain sight.
  • They found that a simple 12VDC vent fan mounted in their roof dropped the interior summer temperature by 10-20 degrees.
  • For storage they simply use plastic containers stored in the space under the bed – instead of complex custom cabinets.

With this budget van they can live, work, and explore all summer. So if you’re considering exploring tiny living alternatives like Exploring Alternatives, consider building a super simple van and start your own adventure.

To learn more about converting your own van check out the website The Vanual. It’s a great resource for DIY camper van conversions.

To see more videos like this subscribe to Exploring Alternatives on YouTube.