So… You Want to Build a Tiny House?

So… if you want to learn how to build a tiny house, you should really take a hands-on workshop. Books and videos are great, but when you get your hands dirty and actually build stuff… you’ll learn tons.

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen does some of the best workshops out there. Deek has a couple workshops scheduled right now:

  • California – JOSHUA TREE Tiny House Workshop 2018 – March 23-24-25- 2018
  • Stoughton/Boston, MA Green Building/Tiny House Workshop – Feb 17th/18th

The best part of Deek’s workshops is that it’s all about getting some hands-on experience. You won’t find yourself stuck in a conference room watching powerpoint presentations about tiny houses when you learn with Deek. You’ll find yourself out on a job site building stuff.

Learn more about his upcoming workshops.