Fine Carpentry – Inventive Built-in Sofa Bed

A very unique custom piece was this built-in sofa.  Leland Duck of Revive Upholstery  (another business in the Beam & Anchor building) did the upholstery.  It also takes advantage of the depth allowed from the pitch of the roof.” – Phloem Studio

Source: Accessory Dwelling Unit Collaboration

6 thoughts on “Fine Carpentry – Inventive Built-in Sofa Bed

  1. Monica says:

    I like this one. This is one of the biggest issues I had when building my tiny house was trying to figure out a design for a pullout couch/bed over my wheelwell. I would love to see more designs with instructions from those who have them.

  2. Joan says:

    I would like to see more photos about this house. The mono colors look a little sterile, but I like the concept. it looks like an attic reno instead of a TH.

  3. Sherry Measom says:

    I would like to buy plans on how to make the pull out bed from the pholoemstudio. How can I do this?

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