Floating Cottage on Norris Lake

It’s a boat, it’s a house, it’s a houseboat… no it’s a floating cottage.

“When Frank Fila, and his wife Kathy Rollow, first purchased their 1972 floating cottage they knew it was small, but thought it was perfect. With pristine views of Norris Lake, the cottage quickly became a favorite weekend destination for family and friends.”

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2 thoughts on “Floating Cottage on Norris Lake

  1. Norris Lake says:

    Floating houses are becoming very popular on Norris Lake. A great way to enjoy a fantastic vacation on the water. If this is something you haven’t tried, I highly recommend!

  2. Kathy Rollow says:

    Norris lake is the best! The water is beautiful and there not a lot of development. It’s favorite place on earth.

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