Free Plan Sets for Tiny Houses

Deek shares some free tiny house plans he found.

“Here’s a lil’ list of FOUR free sets of tiny house, cabin, and/or shed plans- ones that I feel are pretty decent- well, ESPECIALLY considering the price!”

Find them at SIX FREE PLAN SETS for Tiny Houses/Cabins/Shedworking Offices….


4 thoughts on “Free Plan Sets for Tiny Houses

  1. Deek says:

    Always a complainer- kidding…
    The post mentions FOUR free plans btw- but six were listed/given- and I wasn’t aware #6 cost $5.00 for a download (thanks for letting me know)- which is still damn reasonable….
    thanks for pointing it out

  2. Deek says:

    Correction- #6 IS ABSOLUTELY FREE- It downloaded and is printing right now….a pretty thorough plan set too….nothing about a $5.00 fee….

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