Good Idea: Locate the Loft Ladder Latter

While a good idea may not be a bad alliteration, I couldn’t help myself. Bad word-smithing aside, a good idea may be to locate the ladder to the loft at the rear of the house.

The example pictured here is from Tiny House UK. This tiny off-grid house puts the bed closer to the open side of the loft which would lessen any claustrophobic feelings. The cost is a bit of floor space down below on the left.

8 thoughts on “Good Idea: Locate the Loft Ladder Latter”

  1. I don’t see any loft ladder at all in the pictures supplied. The ladder’s I have seen are always placed wrongly from a safely point of view; one has to “climb” over the ladder stiles and risk falling a long way down? It’s much safer to get into bed at floor level and NOT climb, so older folk can use it too and use the top space for storage.

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