Green RV of the Year

Roaming Times, an RV review website, has named the Earthbound RV as the Green RV of the year. I don’t usually cover trailers or RVs but this one looked worth a quick peek.

Green RV of the Year

One thought on “Green RV of the Year

  1. Bob Garlits says:

    I’ve owned an Earthbound Golden Ridge since Aug 2010. We’ve had over 50 problems with it. The dealer had it back during the first two weeks to repair 12 problems including replacing the entire AC unit. It’s been back to the factory three times for repairs. They have currently (3rd time) had it since May 31 of this year and still have not repaired it. They have had to replace the entire floor, both axles and now both walls. They don’t pay dealers for repairs and don’t reimburse owners for preapproved repairs under their “Three year bumper to hitch warranty”. Stay away from Earthbound.

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