Guodros Medis in Lithuania

I was recently introduced to this tiny house builder in Lithuania. They sell many small log homes that can serve as wooden summerhouses, garden houses, chalets, garages, and saunas. Using Google Translate you can read their website in English (although for some reason the images get turned off).

Guodros Medis in Lithuania

3 thoughts on “Guodros Medis in Lithuania

  1. David says:


    You appear to have overlooked near the upper left-hand corner is a clickable choice between Lithuanian and English…no need for Google Translate–and you can still see the photos!

    Nice find, by the way.

  2. Anamaria says:


    I simply wish that someone in Europe made tiny houses on wheels. Germany has their circus wagons and such, but, as far as I understand, they only go 25 kms per hour and are mainly transported on trucks.

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