Could You Come Home to This Porch?

Starting points for the design included a porch (teatime shelter on a rainy Oregon morning), a steep roof (18-in-12 pitch to relate the shed to the steep roof of the existing house), and no modern construction materials. We did use a modern design tool, though. Creating the design in SketchUp let us build the shed on-screen, right down to the number of studs. Our builder, Marv Glover, used both two- and three-dimensional views as he assembled the shed.” – Robyn Doyon-Aitken

via An Old-Time Garden Shed – Fine Homebuilding.

3 thoughts on “Could You Come Home to This Porch?”

  1. Is it possible to get dimensions, the foot print, sq feet anything.

  2. Why can’t they ever post more pictures, I want to see the main floor.

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