How-to Install a Metal Roof on Your Tiny House

The folks at Tiny r(E)volution are making quick progress on their tiny house.

“Installing a metal roof can be as easy as screwing a few corrugated panels on the roof or as difficult as crafting custom standing seam and using multiple trim pieces to obtain a fluid roofline. Whatever the case, it is a job that when done right provides an amazing result and really puts a nice finishing touch on your house. For our tiny house we chose to use a Gulf Seam product manufactured by Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing.”

Watch on YouTube: How-To Install a Metal Roof on your Tiny House (part 1) and (part 2).

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  1. James C. Snyder

    I enjoyed your construction video and tips regarding Steel roofs. I especially like the longivity of the steel roof concept. – 20 years wow! Now thats materials use consrvation. Jim Snyder

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