I Totally Want to Win This VW Bus

The very first car I remember my parents owning was a red Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. We lived in San Francisco and San Rafael during that time and I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that van. On weekends we’d go camping up and down the California coast and I can even remember sitting on my dad’s lap turning the wheel. You might say it was the first car I ever drove. I wish I had a photo to show you, but those have been lost in time.

One memorable trip was making the final trip on our move to San Rafael from San Francisco. My dad loaded up the camper with everything including a fish tank and we’d just crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and had almost made it up the Waldo Grade when the engine blew. My brothers and I got our first tow truck ride that day. I know the fish survived, but I can’t remember how they got to our new home. It was 1971.

I live near Sacramento now and my own kids are 12 and 9. I’d love to give them adventures in an old camper like that – well maybe not quite like that one, but you never know right? My kids are pretty used to the comfortable luxury of modern cars – so a little spoiled. I’ve probably gotten a bit spoiled too, but I’ve not lost my taste for a little adventure.

I think if I won WANDXR Sabrina and Jimmy’s VW Bus I’d be able to continue the adventure that bus has had with my family. I’d totally want to blog our adventures up and down the California Coast and our adventures into California’s Gold Country.  We’d get to live a part-time family-style vanlife like the one I remember my dad gave us. Might toughen my kids up a bit too and give them great childhood memories.

The giveaway ends on January 18, 2019 AT 7.00 PM PST. So there’s still a little time to enter this VW Bus Giveaway. You can choose to enter two different ways.

  • Free Entry – send a postcard mailed to Sabrina and Jimmy. For details on this option just follow the instructions you find in section 3 of their Terms and Conditions page. You can enter only once by mail.
  • Buy WANDXR Post Cards – You can enter as many times as you like this way, but it’s a paid entry per postcard. When you buy their postcards you’re helping to support their continued travel vlog. They also give back to the environment, animals, and humanitarian causes with every purchase.

If I win my first adventure will be bringing it home to Sacramento from Los Angeles. I don’t plan to take the normal route either, and will vlog the adventure.

My fingers are crossed. Good luck on your entry!

Enter for a chance to win the WANDXR Sabrina and Jimmy’s VW Bus.

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  1. I say, ” YES!” It should have a wheelchair lift and be made to carry a handicapped person along with things that make life a little easier and pleasant for them. Thank you! Sandy Samens

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