Insulated Weekend Cabin in South Africa

Gavin Rooke isn’t an architect or a professional builder; he’s not the sort who figures he can frame up a small weekender and move in in six weeks’ time. But that didn’t keep the 41-year-old Johannesburg art gallerist from taking up a T-square and hammer in 2004 to start work on a 330-square-foot weekend house in tiny Deneysville on the Vaal Dam.” – Dwell

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3 thoughts on “Insulated Weekend Cabin in South Africa”

  1. Good to see SA waking up to the Tiny House movement and thanks for sharing. A new video on Tiny Homes in Cape Town at

  2. Looking for someone/architect who is interested in tiny house designs.. But, in this case, it is a special project which wants to use recycled/upcycled materials for a project in an informal settlement as a pilot project in Hout Bay. The housing will become part of an overall Eco Village project.. VERY EXCITING.. predominantly a volunteer experience..

  3. Looking for an architect for a special project of tiny houses for an ECO Village as a model for transitional housing in an informal settlement. Emails me please if you have an interest…

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