Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings

If you dream of building a home from shipping containers you might want to check out this new ebook by Alex Klein and Heather Levin. Also included in the ebook are 20 floor plans for shipping container homes.

Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Container Homes & Buildings

  1. Container Home says:

    This market certainly needs more accurate / credible information about the actual construction methods used in container home construction – there is a ton of free generic information on the web but very little factual information about how it is done.

  2. mohammad says:

    I’m establishing a company, the container houses.
    I am inexperienced in strength against the (earthquake, flood, fire etc ….)
    I need scientific information and technical experience on the subject.
    has This structure any technical books ?
    I am pleased you help me.

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