John Muir Hut – A Tiny House at 12,000 Feet

As urban centers encroach on our limited wilderness resources, shouldn’t we be taking the steps to conserve them as best we can?” – Joe B.

Photo via Back Country Banker.

The John Muir hut was built by the Sierra Club in 1930. The stones come from the surrounding area but the mortar and other materials had to be packed in 9 miles. It provides temporary shelter for hikers crossing the Muir Pass. The harsh conditions and decades of usefulness illustrate the strength of stone construction. You can read more about it at Trails Journals and ParksFolio.

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  1. Shirley Ross

    You always show such neat places. I love this one. It got my creative juices flowing. My husbands money is taking so long to come in. I still have my Pioneer Cabin plans from you. It was so nice of you to send the building supply list. Do you have any more tiny house heating and cooling ideas? Do you have any tiny house furniture plans or resources?

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