Kevin McCloud’s Eco-Cabin

Normally, we see the Grand Designs television presenter bestriding some ambitious self-build project the size of a small cathedral. Today, his surroundings are humbler: a woodland cabin between Frome and Shepton Mallet.

But while this quirky residence is not as dramatic as many a McCloud structure, it is, he claims, his ideal home. He built it himself; from the 2,000 hand-planed wooden tiles on the roof and walls to the rabbit-skin rug on his earthen floor.” – Telegraph

Read and see more of Kevin McCloud’s eco-cabin in the woods…

5 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s Eco-Cabin

  1. anne and john says:

    we really enjoy your program on gran design so we thought maybe you would like to see ours as well.
    if you in the south of spain you can spent a night in our guest straw bale house.
    regards anne

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