Kevin McCloud’s Eco-Cabin

Normally, we see the Grand Designs television presenter bestriding some ambitious self-build project the size of a small cathedral. Today, his surroundings are humbler: a woodland cabin between Frome and Shepton Mallet.

But while this quirky residence is not as dramatic as many a McCloud structure, it is, he claims, his ideal home. He built it himself; from the 2,000 hand-planed wooden tiles on the roof and walls to the rabbit-skin rug on his earthen floor.” – Telegraph

Read and see more of Kevin McCloud’s eco-cabin in the woods…

5 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s Eco-Cabin”

  1. ummm what is eco friendly about rabbit skin rugs? seems like that was pretty eco devastating!

    1. OMG! He also killed defenseless trees and used them for building and to provide heat! No doubt he removes water from a stream as well. Eco-terrorist!
      Thanks Adrian, I wasn’t aware rabbits were an endangered species. this man should be ashamed calling himself eco-friendly.

  2. we really enjoy your program on gran design so we thought maybe you would like to see ours as well.
    if you in the south of spain you can spent a night in our guest straw bale house.
    regards anne

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