Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

A new television show in the UK will feature the construction of an off-grid tiny house.

“Kevin McCloud from that Grand Designs has got the shed bug (and who hasn’t nowadays) but he’s also got a new telly series Man Made Home which starts Sun Sunday 23 Sep, 8pm on Channel 4 – which sees him build a shed.”

via Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home – Kevin builds a shed/tiny house.

5 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

  1. tom olofsson says:

    My lament is that BBC is not available in the US. I will check the Tiny House Living blog to follow Kevin’s progress. Thanks for bringing him to us.

  2. Patrick says:

    Did he make his own video camera and lights?

    And it seems so far that he is still into exploitation of animals.

  3. Daniel says:

    I like it so far – it’s nice to see a tiny house is starting to enter public consciousness.

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