Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home

A new television show in the UK will feature the construction of an off-grid tiny house.

“Kevin McCloud from that Grand Designs has got the shed bug (and who hasn’t nowadays) but he’s also got a new telly series Man Made Home which starts Sun Sunday 23 Sep, 8pm on Channel 4 – which sees him build a shed.”

via Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home – Kevin builds a shed/tiny house.

5 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home”

  1. My lament is that BBC is not available in the US. I will check the Tiny House Living blog to follow Kevin’s progress. Thanks for bringing him to us.

  2. Nothing really revolutionary unless the building code does not allow this.

  3. Did he make his own video camera and lights?

    And it seems so far that he is still into exploitation of animals.

  4. I like it so far – it’s nice to see a tiny house is starting to enter public consciousness.

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