Minim House is Now Available

The first Minim House was commissioned by Brian Levy in 2013. He worked closely with Foundry Architects to design the structure, and David Bamford at Element Design+Build to build it.

The house has won 3 AIA design awards and has been featured on multiple television shows and all over the Internet. The design was incredibly popular.

About 60 sets of plans have shipped around the world, and builds are underway in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and across the U.S. But many more people asked to buy completed houses – so Minim Homes partnered with Minim Built to deliver finished houses to customers.

Today there are 3 of us that are working together to bring you the best microhouses around.

Pictured here is the prototype house. The manufactured version of the Minim House is a further refined version of the original. You cab buy the new Minim on a trailer or ready to be placed on a permanent foundation built structure. It is 24-feet long and has 265 square feet of usable interior space. It’s wider than a normal tiny house – 12’6″ wide – so not intended to be move regularly.

To learn more, visit the Minim House website.

15 thoughts on “Minim House is Now Available”

  1. I love most of the tiny house designs except all of the “sofas” look amazingly uncomfortable!!

  2. Marty Douglas

    My goodness! This one is perfect. I love the floor plan and sleeping areas….

  3. Elizabeth Ann Ball

    I love this house plan!
    Can it withstand NewEngland winters? Can it be made “green” or possble off grid?
    (I am very allergic to formeldahyde).

    ~Elizabeth Ball

  4. I love the concept, I live in an RV, but would love tiny home. Unfortunately, financing is an obstacle, and can is difficult to get for project. I think that people should downsize, life is getting more complicated, high electricity, high property taxes, etc.

  5. Robin Danforth

    I think the tiny homes the minim homes are great, it’s what I need. I’ve been homeless for 2 years and would do anything to be able to have a home like these, it’s a wonderful idea. How can I get one and where can I put it? Please all the info I have read on the Internet and all the plans in how to build one have intigued me so much can someone help me? Sincerely, Robin D.

  6. The floor plan and the photos do not exactly match. The floor plan shows the entry door swinging into the unit towards the kitchen cabinets. However, the photos show the entry door swinging out.

    For this unit, the out-swinging entry door works better because it avoids a conflict with the kitchen cabinets and the possibility of the smacking someone who is working in the kitchen.

    An even better entry door solution would be to reverse the hinge side of the out-swinging door to create a convenient kitchen “landing zone” to serve multiple purposes.

    Whether the entry door swings in or out, the design will need a landing at the exterior door such as an exterior deck.

    Good plan change by using a pocket door for the bathroom. Space efficiency in a tiny house is critical and pocket doors can help to capture or create more useful spaces.

    Was consideration given to having the access to the W/D from inside the bathroom? Doing so might provide some additional interesting design possibilities.

    Keep up the good work. You have made a good design even better.

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