Modern Mini Live/Work Space House Tour

Jennifer shares her 400 square foot home in Long Beach, California.

“Jennifer’s small space proves that you can be happy living with just what you need. She loves to travel, so she would much rather have experiences than expensive stuff. Still, with all the fun artwork, graphics, and small accessories, her live/work space is very lively and inviting.”

via Jennifer’s Modern Mini Live/Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy.

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  1. I’m curious about zoning laws etc regarding tiny houses specifically in or around long beach California. What is involved in the process? Is it legal for the tiny house to be ones “permanent dwelling “? Curious about process of finding land and laws/limitations in LB area for a non-mobile tiny house. And likewise how this works /where to begin if I wanted a towable tiny home (need to be in rv park? Can these be permanent dwellings?) thank you for any and all leads/advice especially re: SoCal laws.

    1. Living full time in a tiny house can be legal, but it depends entirely on your local community’s codes/zoning/ordinances. Unfortunately it’s impossible to say if its legal even at a city level since some developments have additional covenants that can further restrict what you can do… even down to what colors you can paint houses. Insane… I know.

      The American Tiny House Association has been working to track news of progress in this area. You can find California news here:

      Be sure to check other resources on their website since they update it often.

      The other place to check is your local county’s building/planning department’s website.

      My best guess is that you’ll have the most luck finding an RV park – or finding someone willing to let you par on their lot after getting the house/installation approved as an ADU (accessory dwelling unit).

      I hope that helps.

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