Deek’s $300 Backwoods Reading Room in Vermont

Here’s a final update on photos I took (with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC G6- which I LOVE!) of my little cabin in Vermont- one that was framed as part of 2012’s “Tiny House Summer Camp” up in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom. We will have another workshop like this, off grid, in the future.” – Deek

See more of Deek’s tiny cabin…

1 thought on “Deek’s $300 Backwoods Reading Room in Vermont”

  1. That ad…showing cabins from $45k…
    looks like it’s advertising the little A-frame, as costing that much.
    That would really be some sticker-shock, right there!..
    esp since I *think* this article was abt the building of it, for $300. (?)

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