NASA Architect Designs Tiny FireFly Camping Trailer

Former NASA Architect Garret Finney has just unveiled the FireFly, a trailer thats even more compact and utilitarian than its predecessor, the Cricket. With its super-efficient and lightweight design, this tiny trailer is a minimalist and robust mini home fit for any eco-camper.” – Inhabitat

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4 thoughts on “NASA Architect Designs Tiny FireFly Camping Trailer”

  1. Of course, it’s not a trailer. It is visually intriguing but maybe that’s just the way over-built orange outriggers. Unlike in space, where a NASA architect’s head might be, terrestrial roads pass through an atmosphere – so the exoskeleton is aerodynamically dirty and increases the overall dimensions without increasing useable space. The outriggers could have been retractable or folding but, instead, must be detached and stowed so if the not-trailer is on its truck, the clunky (but orange!) landing gear will be taking up much of the interior. Looks cool, bad design, but at least its not pseudo-Victorian.

  2. I always encourage creativity. But this solution is just plain dumb and way too expensive. If the ides is to have a module that can be set on the ground to free up the truck to drive away from the unit, then just think how easy it will be for “vulture thieves” to pull their pickup truck into place and drive away with a “liberated” camper module.

    I give this one a big “5 thumbs down” vote.

  3. Would like to know if NASA could make a home light enough to be pulled by a bike. It need to have sleeping space, some storage, and a cook stove w/water. something the homeless could use. Thank you.

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