Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile Furniture

Clever made in America modular furniture that’s easily transportable for the nomads among us. While built-ins seem more ideal for a tiny house on wheels, these seem great for those moving from space to space.

“Nomad is furniture designed with this “modern nomad” in mind.  furniture designed to be simple, minimal, easy to assemble, disassemble, and move. nomad is modular and uses a tool-less joint system, so you never have screws or tools to keep track of.  nomad is made in the USA from local eco-friendly materials.  we love what we do.  hope you enjoy it too!”

Check out their Kickstarter campiagn – Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile furniture by Clark Davis.

Just a side note…  I’d love to see some designs from these folks that allow the interchanging of parts to make all sorts of different units… like lego are to toys, nomad could be to furniture.

5 thoughts on “Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile Furniture”

  1. Christopher Rasch

    Love the idea! But “patent pending joints”? Ugh. No thanks.

  2. I like the concept and can see a lot of uses for this stuff. That said, my own home made version of “nomadic” involves using the furniture as the moving boxes as well so as to minimize packing. Sort of like the steamer trunk desks using the same idea for bookshelves, clothes storage, etc that just fasten closed and get rolled off to a truck when you move. I love stuff on wheels. Beds and couches could be made in a similar fashion, using lower storage units on wheels that you link with a full length top and mattress or cushions. Things could be made of painted or stained plywood or whatever else you can work with. You could give it any number of looks from modern tech cases to elaborate gypsy paint jobs. Locking casters needed. If you want the furniture to look more permanent you could have the pieces fit onto wheeled bases for transport only.

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