Notch Mountain Shelter, Colorado – A Tiny House on Top of The World

I start to settle into my bag when another wind gust shoots a stream of chilling air under the door… and I’m cold, but I know it’s 13,000+ thin, breathing is fine, bag will eventually warm to at least “survival” and given enough time even maybe “comfortable” and rest, however rudimentary will let my body recharge.” – TallGrass

via • Trip Report – Chapter 1: Noob Backdooring Holy Cross?


  1. This place seems pretty cool! I’d have to have a generator up there though..:) Lots of batteries, firewood, water etc.
    But it would be so awesome! So much beauty and fresh air all around….nature…love it!

  2. with that great rocky landscape how could you NOT use the stones to your advantage? makes perfect sense to me. Just like the Nearings did years ago. great small house/ cabin.

  3. Made many trips up when young. Favorite place. Please add a history of the shelter.

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