One of the Many Uses for Tiny Houses – Activists Work to End Homelessness

In what looks like an ordinary woodshop in Madison, Wisconsin, filled with table saws, screwdrivers and more screws and nails than you could count, transformative work is underway. This space, operated and owned by a nonprofit called Occupy Madison Incorporated, is part of a village of small houses built to order for – and by – homeless individuals in Wisconsin’s capital city.” – VOA News

Read about how Activists Work to End Homelessness One Tiny House at a Time. Photo by Noah Phillips for VOA.

2 thoughts on “One of the Many Uses for Tiny Houses – Activists Work to End Homelessness”

  1. I put suggestion in about Tiny Homes for homeless or brink of . City Hall, Foodbanks, main places.
    For me I may not be ready for Tiny Home. I am in 900 sq ft living space house. Maybe when this place sells stepping stone to another small house to rid of excess then to a Tiny Home of choice.

  2. Beth Fitzgerald

    I am 51 yrs old and partially disabled and currently in a shelter. I have been informed i need to find other housing as my time here is up. I have been tracking the tiny house movement for some time as I am unable to be in the streets. I have sent emails to the tiny house movement asking if anyone is willing to donate one because i am unable to be homeless. Of course money before humanity, so the answer has always been no. I am in Minnesota where you know the weather here gets quite cold. The shelters are full and not equipped for walkers or disabled people. For subsidized housing the wait list is 2 to 6 yrs. I am now on anti depressants and have no one to turn to . It seems no one has considered that if we are homeless we do not have $20,000- $50,000 to buy a tiny house.

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