Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Supports Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Portland is preparing to endorse the construction of communities of tiny houses on publicly owned land to get homeless people off the street and offer low-income residents safe, clean and cheap places to live. Josh Alpert, Mayor Charlie Hales director of strategic initiatives said the question isnt whether the so-called micro-communities will happen, but when.” – OregonLive.com

Continue reading about why Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is infatuated with the idea. Image by TECHDWELL.

8 thoughts on “Portland Mayor Charlie Hales Supports Tiny Homes for the Homeless”

  1. dennis the bus dweller

    If thiis really happends I’m really gonna think a lot of this guy.

    Peace along the way
    Dennis the bus dweller Ny

  2. I do not think this social experiment will last long.
    What about the taxpayer that paid for the public lands to be used ?
    What about those individuals and businesses that will share the area with the homeless camps ?
    The reasons causing the homelessness are the root cause of the problem.

  3. I just hope they forget about the conventional-looking, stupid blobby shrubbery and useless lawns depicted in the image above and plant some edibles instead.

  4. I am retired and living on a very fixed income. I paid taxes for many, many years. If I wanted one of these cute little houses (and I do), I would have to pay at least $100,000. No fair, liberal Portland.

  5. Charles Holmes

    Please send me as much information as possible I was homeless in the past and have begun to for a not for profit organization to fight homelessness and I love this concept to peices!!!

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