Space Saver Every Tiny Home Should Have

Still found mainly in Northern Europe, the idea is simple: dishes are placed into a bottomless cupboard where each shelf drains down to the next level, and ultimately to waiting sinks and drains below. The effect? a marked decrease in the 30 thousand of hours spent… doing dishes daily.” – Dornob

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4 thoughts on “Space Saver Every Tiny Home Should Have”

  1. Every home should have it… I seen a crude adaptation of this a few years ago and this is very nice. I was talking to a friend the other day about such a system we could put in her cabin or a couple of others at the verbal planned stage for the site and I intend to incorporate it in those. This style is certainly going be a plan for mine only directly over the sink.

  2. The only thing that I would change about this dish rack/cupboard idea is that I would design a cover for the outlet to protect it against moisture from dripping plates, etc.

    1. The outlet is the standard GFCI which is required within 6′ of water sources. Unless you’re using a fire hose in the room, it should be fine as is.

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