Space Saver Every Tiny Home Should Have

Still found mainly in Northern Europe, the idea is simple: dishes are placed into a bottomless cupboard where each shelf drains down to the next level, and ultimately to waiting sinks and drains below. The effect? a marked decrease in the 30 thousand of hours spent… doing dishes daily.” – Dornob

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4 thoughts on “Space Saver Every Tiny Home Should Have

  1. Ralph Sly says:

    Every home should have it… I seen a crude adaptation of this a few years ago and this is very nice. I was talking to a friend the other day about such a system we could put in her cabin or a couple of others at the verbal planned stage for the site and I intend to incorporate it in those. This style is certainly going be a plan for mine only directly over the sink.

  2. Ann Petersen says:

    The only thing that I would change about this dish rack/cupboard idea is that I would design a cover for the outlet to protect it against moisture from dripping plates, etc.

    • Connie C says:

      The outlet is the standard GFCI which is required within 6′ of water sources. Unless you’re using a fire hose in the room, it should be fine as is.

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