Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?

Here are four examples of tiny houses with curved roofs – but all approach the curve from a slightly different direction.

  • The snow-bound tiny house near Lake Tahoe has a more traditional arched roof, like a shepherd’s hut.
  • The modern Leaf House has a curve that goes from front to back making it more aerodynamic and voluminous on the inside.
  • The prefab cabin kit has a curved roof reminiscent of a gothic arch, providing strength and low weight.
  • The barrel top wagon has a roof that curves from front-to-back AND left-to-right.

Which curve appeals to you most and why? Please comment below.

Designer Ryan Frank’s Off-Grid Tiny Home is Built like an Upside-Down Boat.

Designer Ryan Frank wanted a semi-mobile home for a small plot in a “sensitive area”. He thought about yurts and domes, but settled for an open source design he found online” – Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies

See more videos like this on the Fair Companies YouTube Channel.

The house is built like a boat, just upside-down. The lightweight bow shaped frame is covered on the interior with wood boards. The exterior is a simple canvas cover like a yurt. The walls are insulated with sheep’s wool. This combination of materials makes for an extremely breathable house which keeps it dry and comfortable in the humid climate.