Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?

Here are four examples of tiny houses with curved roofs – but all approach the curve from a slightly different direction.

  • The snow-bound tiny house near Lake Tahoe has a more traditional arched roof, like a shepherd’s hut.
  • The modern Leaf House has a curve that goes from front to back making it more aerodynamic and voluminous on the inside.
  • The prefab cabin kit has a curved roof reminiscent of a gothic arch, providing strength and low weight.
  • The barrel top wagon has a roof that curves from front-to-back AND left-to-right.

Which curve appeals to you most and why? Please comment below.

5 thoughts on “Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?”

  1. I have to go with the upside down boat!
    It looks like it would be fine in Snow Season.

  2. The Lake Tahoe cabin is the superior design that has taken into account all of the issues of deep snow and heavy snow load requirements for the area.

    The leaf house looks like it has a design flaw in the roof structure or the barely visible cable “X-bracing” would not be required to hold the roof down. This flaw may only be a wind up-lift problem while the unit is in transport mode. But an engineering flaw is still a flaw. The long roof rafter tails act like a tail-spoiler on a car – and in this case the wind turbulence probably wants to lift the rafters and peel the roof off the walls. If the cable-bracing is temporary for the initial delivery, then I hope the manufacturer posts a big warning sign on the hitch that tells the owner to reattach the cable-bracing before transporting the unit to a new location.

    The blue metal roof unit just has no appeal. It looks like a WW2 South Pacific Quonset Hut that has “gone gothic arch”.

    The double barrel roof solution gets points for trying. But the solution is overly complex and as a result the unit will take longer to build and cost the owner far too much for too little added value. For good reason there are probably no rolling shepherd’s huts that use this type of roof design.

  3. I like the Caravan roof of the Lake Tahoe, but I have a fascination for those roofs anyway. The Leaf house is an interesting design and might be more aerodynamic for mobility, as is the barrel top wagon. But I feel the caravan roof of the Tahoe is a less complicated more practical design.

  4. Tiny Leaf Co. telephone no longer works and their email is disconnected… Please validate companies you post for in the future.

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