version.3 – The Newest Leaf House

“version.3 is the latest tiny house built by Leaf House Small Space Design & Build, a tiny house company based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Design as a case studyfor cold climate tiny house construction, version.3 features a number of innovations uniqueto the challenges faced by -50°C weather.” – Leaf House Design Brief

The house is currently located in Pelly Crossing, a small northern community with a population of about 280 people that’s 3 hours north of Whitehorse, Yukon. It will serve as accommodations for the instructor/coordinator of the Yukon College Campus. Pelly Crossing is an ideal place to conduct this cold weather test as it regularly gets -40 to -50°C weather. Over the next six months the performance of the tiny house will be monitored with energy and temperature sensors.

Visit the Leaf House website. Design and photos © Leaf House Small Space Design & Build. A big thanks to Laird for sharing their newest tiny house design with us!

6 thoughts on “version.3 – The Newest Leaf House”

  1. This is an interesting upgrade of the two previous versions. Nice to see an exhaust fan above the gas stove. So many tiny house designs fail to include this important health and safety feature.

    Also good to see the units are designed around using metal stud framing – a real weight saver.

    Somewhat surprised to see stacked convection wall heaters. They are a sound solution and economical, but stacking them seems to be an odd solution from a heat physics standpoint. Since this is a test design for a bitter cold climate, maybe the designer knows something that I am not seeing.

  2. Steven Richardson

    That is the coolest roof I’ve seen yet. I want to build a curved roof tiny trailer when I retire.
    Now I may rotate the rafters and stretch ’em long ways.
    What a great design!

  3. Those photographs are beautiful. And the wall of mirrors does a fantastic job of visually opening the space.

  4. Marsha Cowan

    Coolest house ever, though I might want my bed lifted up a bit higher. Really sleek design and beautifully finished inside and out. Looks like an easy home in which to actually live, and I love the views! Great tiny house!

  5. What does someone do when he or she needs to empty their bladder or have a bowel movement? It may be a crude question, but I am not going outside when it’s -50 degrees.

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