A Stolen Tiny House Has Been Returned to Its Owner!

A Texas couple have been reunited with their tiny house after it was stolen just before Christmas. “It was depressing, devastating, made me angry and shocked all at the same time,” said Casey Friday. He and his wife are advocates for green living and had invested two and half years and $35,000 intobuilding a tiny home from the ground up. However just days before Christmas someone stole it from their property in Spring Branch.” – 9news.com

See the interview with Casey Friday about A stolen tiny house has been returned to its owner. Also read some of Casey’s tips for securing your tiny house from theft. Photos by Casey Friday.

3 thoughts on “A Stolen Tiny House Has Been Returned to Its Owner!”

  1. If they catch the thief who stole Casey and his wife’s home they should be horse whipped! What a disgusting thing for someone to have done. I guess we have to be even more deligent about securing our possessions AND our Home.
    Very glad they have their home back.

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