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“Gypsy” Vans by Roth

Wally and Victoria Roth of Bend, Oregon have experience in building exquisite carousel horses, cabinets, boat building and yacht restoration, but their designs really come to life in their re-creations of their Romani “Gypsy” Caravans. Their goal for the custom design is to come as close as possible to the original look and feel of […]

Planning Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets

The folks at Tiny r(E)volution discuss kitchen cabinets and how they plan to outfit their tiny house which is currently under construction. “We currently spend almost all of our indoor time in the kitchen. Between Crystal cooking, Tilly Madison walking/falling/crawling around, and me waiting anxiously for whatever that smell is, we are like most Americans. […]

Cabinets Framed at Little Yellow Door

The finishing touches are going into the kitchen at Little Yellow Door. “Perhaps nothing has caused more procrastination than my kitchen cabinets, and considering just how much procrastination I am capable of, this is really saying something. For a while my dad thought it’d be better to find someone else to make them, but Little […]

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