“Gypsy” Vans by Roth

Wally and Victoria Roth of Bend, Oregon have experience in building exquisite carousel horses, cabinets, boat building and yacht restoration, but their designs really come to life in their re-creations of their Romani “Gypsy” Caravans. Their goal for the custom design is to come as close as possible to the original look and feel of the caravans that can still be found around England today. The Romani were a group of people who arrived in Europe from northern India around the 14th century. Their travels in wagons much like the Roth’s took them across the continent to Great Britain and even into North America, Brazil and Australia.” – Kent

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  1. Saw several “Travelers” in Ireland and their campsites. A few like this, but many were more like our modern day pop-ups, cab overs, or motor homes. Charming when you do see one like this.

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