She Shares What It’s like to Live in a Yurt for Two Years

Mat & Danielle from Exploring Alternatives visit Beige and learn what its like to live in a yurt for two years in Canada. She lives way-off-the-grid with no electricity or running water. Her yurt can’t even be accessed by car, so everything including food & water are brought to the home by foot. Beige bought her yurt from Groovy Yurts. For more great videos like this one subscribe to Exploring Alternatives on YouTube. Video and image by Exploring Alternatives.



Solo Female Lives in Van in Canada’s Most Expensive City

Kate began her vanlife experiment with a 2 month road trip. She liked it just fine, so decided to stay in the van. She lives very simply and has made few modifications. Best of all it gives her the freedom to live how she wants to and for very little money in the most expensive city in Canada… Vancouver. For more great videos like this follow Forrest Stevens on Youtube.


Red Door Tiny Home

Pictured here is Josh Percival’s Craftsman Tiny House tiny home. He’s been building it part time for himself for the past three years. He started when he was 18. He’s 21 now and launching a tiny house company called Red Door Tiny Homes.

His house is 21 feet long with 18 feet of interior space and a 3 foot porch. It’s finished in wood inside and out – 8″ bevel cedar siding on the exterior and pine tongue and groove on the interior.

He used spray foam insulation for the cold Canadian winters, and 13 windows to let in lots of light. In the kitchen he used custom built maple cabinets. In the bathroom there’s a 32″x32″ shower and composting toilet. The loft has lots of headroom thanks to the two large shed dormers.

Josh will have his home complete very soon, as you can see. There are just a few details left to finish. To learn more about his house visit Red Door Tiny Homes website. Video and screen captures via Exploring Alternatives.

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Porch

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Exterior Back

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Exterior 2

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Looking Inside

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Interior

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Interior 3

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Interior 2

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - Interior 4

Red Door Tiny Homes - Craftsman 21 - In a Landscape

MINIMALISTE Tiny House Prototype is Complete

The MINIMALISTE Tiny Home prototype is 99% complete and is looking fantastic. It’s completely off-grid with a 500 Watt Solar System and outfitted with stainless countertops, a 60-inch HD 12-volt projector television, LED lighting, and a integrated souns system. The folks behind this tiny house are located in Quebec, Canada.

Follow MINIMALISTE on Facebook and visit their website for all the details.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost – Tiny House Giant Journey

Guillaume and I waved goodbye to British Columbia, a province that wetted our appetite for glacial lakes and bear viewing, as the Yukon greeted us with a dusty smile. We immediately began by comparing the Canadian neighbors.” – Tiny House Giant Journey

Source: Navigating to Alaska: Klondike Loop

Kimberly Mok for Treehugger Reports on Canada’s First Tiny House Festival

…we visited Canada’s first official tiny house festival over the weekend, along with hundreds of curious people who descended upon Lantier, a small municipality an hour and a half north of Montreal, Quebec, which recently approved a sustainable housing development for small homes under 1000 square feet in size, without basements.” – Kimberley Mok for Treehugger

Read the complete story: Canada’s first tiny house festival debuts as part of planned tiny housing development at TreeHugger

Hummingbird Micro Homes Now Planning Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village may well be the first micro home village in Canada. Several micro villages exist or are in progress in California, Washington and Texas. To date, Hummingbird has built eight micro homes of which five were commissioned by clients. They have orders for six more.” – Vancouver Sun

Source: Need a house? Think small … no, smaller.  You can also learn more about Hummingbird Micro Homes on their website.

Modular Tiny – Meka World ALP 320 in Brighton, Canada

MEKA was founded in 2009 by a group of architects and engineers aiming to create modular live and work spaces that could be shipped to customers worldwide… Now, three years later, MEKA has delivered buildings around the world and is expanding its manufacturing plants in order to better serve local markets.” – MEKA WORLD

Learn more about these modern modular houses by MEKA WORLD


The Raven Loft

Dubbed the Raven Loft and perched among the trees of Pender Island in Canada, this tiny treehouse serves as a home for its builder, Geoff de Ruiter. Geoff, who is a graduate student of Northern British Columbia, sees it as a means of living a more sustainable lifestyle.” – Humble Homes

See more of The Raven Loft at Humble Homes.

Tiny House Lumbec

Over the next two months, Lumbec will document the construction of our first Tiny House.  Each step will be recorded, from the design to the final stage of construction, all for the benefit of the tiny house community. We hope to inspire and educate those interested in constructing their own tiny home.” – Tiny House Lumbec

Learn more about Tiny House Lumbec. You can also follow them on Facebook.