Minimalist is a new tiny house construction company, working in the Quebec City region. They specialize in the design of small ergonomic, ecological, and functional spaces. Pictured here is their first tiny house design. You can learn more about Minimaliste on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Minimaliste”

  1. James De Haan

    Can you send me all the information on this model please . Merci

  2. I am a widow and would love to built a tiny house,but I cannot climb stairs. Do you have any plans like this?

  3. Jane Wentzell

    Looking for three such tiny homes for 1 acre lots in Chester,NS.
    May I have more detail in this model please?

  4. I would love for someone to contact me with more information about this tiny home. I was just describing my dream tiny home and it seems you are making it!

  5. enfin dans la région de Québec des tiny house… je suis très intéressée à en acquérir une et voudrait connaitre vos modalités ains que visiter celle aperçue sur votre site afin de mieux me rendre compte des dimensions et si cela correspond vraiment à mes besoins
    Comment puis-je procéder afin de visiter votre modèle et voir les plans des autres à venir..
    Merci de la promptitude de votre réponse, car je quitte le pays dans la 2ème quinzaine d’avril jusqu’en juillet
    Louky Michelet

  6. I love your tiny homes, I have family members that think a house is better due to mold issues that tiny homes can have. What precautions are taken with your homes so this doesn’t happen?

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