Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub with Thermosyphoning Heating Coil

This looks like an ideal hot tube setup for a tiny house on wheels. It packs up quickly and takes up little storage space. The thermosyphoning heating coil can heat the water with a propane burner to 105°+ F in 2 1/2 hours from 60-70 ° F. The tub and coil are sold as a separate units.

I’ve not had a chance to experience this hot tub personally, but I once owned a wood fired redwood hot tub with similar performance – and loved it. A redwood tub is far less portable – so this would seem like a better option for mobile tiny house living. Learn more about the Nomad Collapsible Tub and Heating Coil.

9 thoughts on “Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub with Thermosyphoning Heating Coil”

  1. An outside heated dog bathing tub would be nice. This plastic wouldn’t work but the general idea is sure something to think about.

  2. Interesting and clever idea.


    At nearly $1200 to buy both units seems a bit insane. Then you need to find, lug, or pump many many gallons of water to fill the tub. Factor in the time to assemble and disassemble the unit and the fun factor is totally gone.

    Then trying to store all of the bulky components further adds to the “no” decision.

    This entire concept seems to be contrary to the basic “Tiny House – Small House Principles”.

    If I were car-camping like the photos suggest and had to scratch a hot-tub itch on a regular basis, then I would plan my route to intersect with the many natural geothermal soaking sites that exist throughout the western USA and other countries. More friendly and eco-smart.

    1. Joseph Pagillo

      I have to agree. Seems a little excessive, and geared more to the endless money supply folks…

  3. Wish I had more money and a better water supply! The coil is a lot like the one on the Dutchtub but that collapsible tub is fantastic. Mind you, if you fill the tub with water you were going to use on the garden anyway you get a nice hot soak without wasting any water. The coil could also be used on a smaller tub for just one person.

  4. I have never seen a tent set up on top of a vehicle! Can you really sleep up there? Would like to hear more about how that works. That would fix my main problem with camping – sleeping on the ground with the bugs & critters. But if it was me and I had that vehicle I’d just sleep inside it I suppose.

    1. Jo

      There are several “car-top” tent manufacturers. They typically attach to a car-top mounted rack that is part of the vehicle or that is part of the tent package.

      I think the best ones are the units that are contained in a fiberglass-like shell that looks very aero-dynamic and water-proof when closed and traveling on the road or outback trail.

  5. anything that makes real camping a more enjoyable experience is wonderful!

    1. For sure! This would be especially amazing to have on a river trip. You’re going to be sitting around a fire at night anyway, and the water is right there.

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