New Book: Tiny House Floor Plans – Second Edition

The original version of Tiny House Floor Plans was published in 2009. Today a brand new and completely updated version of the book was released.

Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition has 356 floor plan designs ranging from 24 12-foot tiny houses to 48 36-foot tiny houses. The book focuses on the larger more popular tiny house sizes from 24-feet and up but still keeps to the Tiny House Movement’s roots and has plenty of 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-foot tiny house plans as well.

You can order the book in print or as an ebook.

Now, let’s take a look inside. Below is one sample page from each chapter of the book.

12-foot tiny house floor plan from page 28 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
14-foot tiny house floor plan from page 54 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
16-foot tiny house floor plan from page 75 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
18-foot tiny house floor plan from page 112 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
20-foot tiny house floor plan from page 155 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
24-foot tiny house floor plan from page 210 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
28-foot tiny house floor plan from page 262 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
32-foot tiny house floor plan from page 321 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.
36-foot tiny house floor plan from page 372 or Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition.

If you have an original first edition, you’ll be happy to hear that this book is 100% brand new. All the drawing have been drawn new from scratch. Some of the main differences between the two versions are:

  • Stairs Everywhere. Most of the designs use stairs. Back in 2009, stairs in tiny houses were still kind of a new thing. Today most tiny houses are built with stairs, so this new book has them in copious quantities.
  • Unique bathroom layouts. Most tiny house bathrooms are typically a shower on one side, a toilet on the other, and a tiny sink in between. In this new edition, there are so many new and unique bathroom layouts.
  • So many kitchen layouts. Small kitchens, massive kitchens, and everything in between.
  • Many more designs. The first edition had just over 200 floor plans. This new edition has 356 floor plans.
  • Rooflines. In the first version, the plans didn’t show where the roof was. You can see what kind of roof it is and where the rooflines lay in the new version.
  • Wheel Wells. You can spot where the trailer fenders would be and see how each plan is designed to fit the trailer.
  • Tons of Storage. Each design has ample locations for built-in storage on the lower level and in the lofts.
  • Family Friendly. Many designs have bed space for 4 or more people, either in dedicated bedrooms and lofts or flexible sleeping locations for guests on sofas.
  • It’s bigger. Tiny houses are getting bigger, so this book had to get bigger too. The first version measured 6″x9″. This book is a full 8.5″ x 11″ and almost twice as thick. It still fits on most bookshelves, though.

You can order the book in print or as an ebook.

Online Virtual Tiny House Workshop – October 17th & 18th, 2015

The only online Virtual Tiny House Workshop is back on October 17th and 18th, and it’s filling up fast!

The first Design / Build / Downsize virtual tiny house workshop was a big success – and after all the positive feedback, Dan and Mariah have decided to do a second one.

>>> Registration is now open, and you can see the full curriculum and sign up right here.

Tiny house dwellers, builders, and designers Mariah Pastell (tiny house and vintage camper expert and blogger from and Dan Louche (author of The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide, are going to be teaming up to teach the only Virtual Tiny House Workshop on October 17th and 18th!

Virtual tiny house workshop? How does that work?

Design / Build / Downsize is a two-day virtual tiny house workshop that includes 8 in-depth lessons and trainings, live group chat and discussion, and a live Q + A session with Mariah and Dan Louche, two tiny house experts!

You’ll get all of the info you need to start your tiny house project! These lessons and the Q & A Sessions are invaluable – to get personal advice, learn what mistakes you need to avoid, and hear from two experts about everything they’ve figured out from 6+ years doing this stuff!

Not to mention, they’ll show you how to save THOUSANDS on your tiny house build – and many of our workshop attendees say they feel like they’re getting the workshop for free because they are able to save so much money with the info we share.

The workshop includes 8 lessons on everything from choosing a trailer, designing your tiny home, building methods, and downsizing.

You can see the entire curriculum and register right here!

The workshop is the only virtual tiny house workshop – meaning they’re delivering these trainings and lessons live, but you can watch from anywhere in the world 🙂

“The workshop provided me with much of the info and resources I need to finally get started on this project. Very impressed with both Mariah and Dan as teachers.  Thanks so much for what you are doing and how you are doing it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about this entire process.” – John Silva

Mariah and Dan have been teaching hands-on tiny house workshops together for the past 3 years, and they knew that their workshops were only available to a limited number of people, both because of the cost, the travel expenses, and the limit on how many people they could host at one time.

They wanted to help more people in a way that was more affordable, and open to everyone no matter where you are.

So Dan and Mariah created the Tiny House Workshop that you can do from anywhere.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the Virtual Tiny House Workshop:

“I have learned so much from your workshop! Thanks so much for making this available online!” – Martha

“This was really informative and amazing ….so happy I did this!” – Shauna

“Mariah and Dan…Awesome course!!! Very detailed and informative, and I love the question, answer and discussion section for all our thoughts.” – Robin

“We had all our questions answered and you guys were both very informative. Also thank you for including the e-book and lifetime access to the videos. I know that when we get closer to physically building the tiny house we will re-watch portions of the workshops.” – Weston and Haley

During the workshop, they’re really getting into the nitty gritty technical details – like off-grid systems, building materials + techniques, design methods, choosing your trailer, sustainability, codes and laws, and more.

You can read about the entire curriculum and see all the details here >>>

Macy Miller: Following a Dream to Unexpected Places | Unlikely Lives

I did consider all the options, even having a kid. My life could have gone any number of directions, so I designed it to be very flexible… A lot of tiny houses have built-in furniture. I don’t have built-in furniture very intentionally. I like re-arranging a lot. There’s about nine different arrangements I could have for this furniture.” – Macy Miller via Unlikely Lives

Read more about Macy Miller: Following a Dream to Unexpected Places at Unlikely Lives. You can follow Macy Miller on her blog,

Taku-Tanku – Bicycle Towable Floating Tiny House Design

Made from two huge recycled water tanks and a few off-the shelf materials, a new tiny house design is intended to be simple and fast to build.The “Taku-Tanku,” which has sleeping space for two or three people, could potentially be used as a disaster shelter, say its creators, the architecture firm Stereotank and Japanese designer Takahiro Fukuda.” – Co.Exist

See more of this Portable, Floating House Is Light Enough To Tow By Bicycle

Review the Entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading

LaMar Alexander at Simple Solar Homesteading recently hosted a tiny house design contest and the entries are now available to review. Pictured here is the entry from Ryerson University, the “µ-haus” Micro-House. See all the entries to the Tiny House Contest 2014 at Simple Solar Homesteading.

Below are direct links to the house designs – in the order they were submitted:

  • Robert Merchel House For Cooks and Artists
  • Ryerson University “µ-haus” Micro-House
  • Theodore Ash 10×12 Barn Style Convertable
  • Robyn McKinney Mobile House Design
  • Jim Triplett Aluminum Cargo Container House
  • Jordan Spuck 2532 House
  • Dennis Ringler Tiny Cob House
  • Tyler Rodgers Ty-ny House
  • Bomun Bock-Chung Tiny Solar Tiny House
  • Lauren O’Mally Living Tiny Home
  • CJ’s Tiny Cabin On Wheels
  • Craig Williams House On Wheels
  • Jonathan Filius 14×24 Micro house
  • Evan Vause Tiny Modern House
  • Carl Tourtellotte 8×20 House-On-Wheels
  • Nicole Mason House-On-Wheels
  • Misty Robinson House-On-Wheels
  • Jonathan Marcoux Squared Eco House
  • Joshua Dolan Micro-Max Tire wall House
  • Kris Xaphakdy Steel Tube House
  • Adam Vanderbur 28×14 House
  • Misty Robinson’s Gypsy Wagon Houseboat
  • Christopher O’Baugh Arch Roofed Tiny House
  • Kesler Butler’s Off-Grid Solar House 10ft by 30ft.
  • Dennis Ringler 12×16 Off-Grid House
  • Misty Robinson’s 16×25 Off-Grid House
  • David H. 16×25 Barn Roof Cabin
  • Ammie V. 14×28 Off-Grid house
  • Adam Vanderbur House On Wheels
  • Adam’s 10×14 Cabin With Solar Porch
  • Jayne Henderson 192sqft Tiny Off Grid House Design

Drawing up tiny house plans: DIY or hire a pro? Don’t know? Take a workshop

Tiny house advocates will admit that these compact dwellings are deceptively complex. People new to this specialized housing segment might think a smaller house means simpler designs and construction… If you have ever wrestled with remodeling a small kitchen or closet to try to maximize livable space and storage, you will understand what tiny house designer are up against” –

Continue reading Drawing up tiny house plans: DIY or hire a pro? Don’t know? Take a workshop


Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #3 – Wheel Well Design

If you intend to build a house on wheels, don’t cut some big hole in your wall’s waterproof membrane to stick a big ‘ole rain-catching, thermal-bridging wheel well in it. Be sure to leave enough room in your walls for no less than 3-Rs of insulation… continues…” – Jay Shafer at Four Lights Tiny Houses